Lustre - Moonlit Meadow

The newest from Lustre, off this year’s Wonder.

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Oak Pantheon and Amensius are putting out a split in October! The release will be available as a limited CD from Tridroid Records or “name your price” for a digital copy on Bandcamp. Pre-orders start September 13.

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Falls of Rauros' 2011 LP ‘The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood’ to be released on vinyl

The double LP, completely remastered, includes all new artwork by Austin Lunn of Panopticon and even a previously unreleased track called "All That Howling Fog."

Preorder from Replenish Records here.

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Solbrud at Roskilde Festival

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Hypothermia - Tusenfaldiga Sår

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Brand new Lustre track!

Lustre - Green Worlds

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Negură Bunget

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When Woods Make Graves

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Uruz is the brand-new project of Nachtzeit (Lustre) and Vredgad. They’ve described the project as an ”homage to the primal forces of nature.”

Check out “Monolith,” and like the official Facebook page for updates!

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Moloch (Ukraine)

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Caladan Brood announce the vinyl release of Echoes of Battle, which will include two bonus Summoning covers, through Northern Silence Productions later this year! Check out their Facebook post for details.

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Stream/purchase Vallendusk's new album here

By new, I mean April 20. Black Clouds Gathering, seven lovely tracks.

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The Water Witch
(featuring members of A Forest of Stars)

The Water Witch

(featuring members of A Forest of Stars)

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